Hello you! Nice to see you here. I'm Geraldine, but most friends know me by Geri. I'm a multi-disciplinary creative; I dabble and explore many ways to express myself, whether in music, photography or lettering. 

I have a soft spot for vibrant colours and flowers, so you may notice some of my favourite eye-candies if you happen to view my travel gallery or my blooms & blossoms photo collection! You'll definitely be in for a treat 😉

Photo taken by Jay Zheng

Why did you create this site?
I created this site as a way to showcase everything I've done, from my very first artistic venture to where I am now. Trust me, artistically, I have a long way to go, but I thought, 'Why not?' I could document my creative journey here. Months, or even years down the road, I could see how far I've come. Of course, this site is also a way to gain exposure and various opportunities.

Last but not least:
People often tell me that I look bubbly, friendly and approachable, so don't be afraid to say hi over here! Otherwise, Feel free to join me on my journey called life and my random endeavours at making art

Why Postcards from Geri?
The idea of Postcards from Geri came about while I was in Europe for a period of 5 months - I loved picking up postcards and sending them to family and friends back home. But nothing could beat the thought of sending a friend postcards that I made with my own photos.

Which was what I did! I chose a bunch of my favourite photos from my travels and turned them into watercolour postcards

That's not all! I love experimenting ways to make others' life a little brighter, whether its badly drawn greeting cards I used to make with colour paper in secondary school or little origami roses and stars I passed around while in class. I wanted a name that showed that something I made was personal and from my heart. Made truly by me. That was how 'from Geri' resonated.