When did spring arrive?

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

I experienced my first change of season this year. Every day, I walked the same path in my small town. The vineyards and trees were stripped bare in the harsh cold of winter; the heavy grey clouds shrouded the skies and sometimes, the withered grass peeped through the snow.

As the weeks went by, bluer skies arrived, stretching over the hill far away. I could feel the sun’s rays kiss my skin. Finally, it felt warmer; but not warm enough to leave home without my down jacket.

Things were starting to change, but it happened so slowly it was almost unnoticeable.

Another month passed; the trees were no longer unclothed, but draped in layers of green that boasted a shade fresher than anything I’ve ever seen. The days that came were warmer, brighter and there were barely any clouds to cast a shadow on the ground.

It was then, when I noticed the tiniest yellows, the blushes of pinks and reds flourishing through the greenery. In my backyard, the vineyards, and the shrubs along the pavement.

I wasn’t sure when spring arrived, but undoubtedly, it did.

You may feel that the change within you may be slow; but it’s happening nevertheless. Your branches may be bare and your days may be gloomy, but eventually when the sky clears and the sun shines through, you’ll see that it was in you to blossom all along. Beautiful and radiant, adorning the otherwise colourless streets.

“Your leaves will grow; and you will bloom.”

This post was inspired by the change in seasons we face in our lives; some seasons longer than others. Spending five months small, quiet town on the outskirts of the city allowed me to reflect on how I have changed and grown since I entered university. I've experienced a variety of triumphs, setbacks, emotions and fallouts that motivated me, hurt me, but nonetheless moulded me to become the person I am today. I could not notice the slight changes within me, but when I looked back further, I saw how I've grown.

You spent day in and day out with yourself and you feel that you're not progressing or moving forward, but when in fact, you have. You've matured in a way that cannot be measured in the span of days, weeks, or maybe even months. Hang in there, you'll keep improving and growing. One day you'll reach where you were meant to be. Love, Geri

Special thanks to my friend, Daniel for being a second opinion and council for this post 🙆‍♀️